The Boston Finance Commission


The Boston Finance Commission, or FinComm, is an independent watch-dog agency which monitors “any and all business of the City of Boston”.  The goal of the Commission is to ensure an efficient and transparent city government. Should you be aware of any inappropriate City of Boston business practice or conduct of any of its representatives, complaints can be brought to the Commission by anyone seeking assistance.

The FinComm proudly serves in an oversight capacity for the taxpayers
of the City of Boston.

Members of the Finance Commission are citizens of the City of Boston who are appointed by the Governor.  The list of current members and their appointments can be viewed at the state website:

The Finance Commission meetings are open to the public and are held monthly in the Curley Room located on the second floor of 43 Hawkins Street, Boston.  Monthly meeting dates can vary so please contact the office to verify dates and times.  Copies of Commission meeting minutes, office reports, and additional documentation can also be obtained by contacting the office.


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Did you know?

FinComm is older than you may think.

FinComm has been around for over 100 years, established back in 1908, and written into the city’s charter
a year later, in 1909.