• BPS Contract Investigation Report

    BPSThe Finance Commission reviews M.G.L. Chapter 30B, City of Boston contracts. The Commission found that a vendor was being paid at a significantly higher compensation rate than the original contract agreement. The difference in payment terms prompted the Commission to conduct an investigation. The outcome is outlined in the attached report.

  • Community Centers Investigation Report

    Boston Community Centers LogoA recent investigation into the leasing of Boston Centers for Youth and Families’ leased properties found that the City of Boston had failed to assure that executed contracts were in place.  The Finance Commission has created a report to outline the associated concerns and risks.

  • Winthrop Square Garage Report

    Winthrop Square Garage Image The Winthrop Square Garage is a City of Boston owned property located in the Financial District.  The garage offered extremely affordable parking in downtown Boston until needed repairs caused its closure.  The location of the property, two blocks from Downtown Crossing, make it very desirable for development and therefore a valuable taxpayer asset.  Recently, the Boston Redevelopmen

  • Boston Educational Development Foundation Report

    School Bus ImageFinance Commission raised concerns regarding Boston Public Schools utilizing taxpayer assets to create revenues that were then deposited into a 501(c)(3) account that had little public oversight.  These funds were co-mingled with privately donated funds and, in many cases, spent on items that would not have passed a public approval process.

  • Requirement Contracts Report

    Property ManagementConcerns regarding certain contracts administered through the Department of Property Management prompted the Finance Commission to investigate and complete a report.  The investigation found areas where policies and procedures could be enhanced to assure transparency and accountability.

  • Mayoral Transition Report

    Boston ImageThe Finance Commission offered assistance with the Mayoral transition by creating a report that pointed to four areas of concern and citing examples.